Monday, June 7, 2010

More Tips to be Punctual

One of the negative things about me, that I’m really trying to work out, is that I’m always “late” in class or in meeting. Yeah, every time I meet someone or go to school I’m always thirty minutes late. That’s what I really hate about myself. It’s back to school time so I’m really trying my best to change it now. It is worsen than before because some of the highways are under construction.

Though I was quite pissed off with those “under construction road” but after all, it’s more convenient to drive with those smooth roads. I know that the road construction is helpful for cars especially those cars with great quality wheels and rims. Oh, I really love to see those fancy cars with great accessories on it. Check it out.

After all, the high quality roads as well as its wheels and rims matters in the cars speed in traveling so I’ll not to complain about those “under construction road”. Instead, I’ll be more punctual through my own efforts- wake early and double my time in dressing up, eating and bathing. So I hope that I can work it out so I will be more punctual this time.

Keep in touch with me always. Keep going and God bless.

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