Friday, September 25, 2009

Valuable and Guaranteed Internship: Experience It!

Yes, it’s almost December and finally I’m almost done with my schooling. It’s sad because you’ll leave college life but happy because we can now finally face the real world- the world where I can be a real citizen of this county- to have a stable job and productive citizen.
Actually, now a day, it’s so hard to find job- a stable job and self-satisfying career. That is why we are studying so hard to equip ourselves with the proper knowledge and skills to be more competitive than others.

Now what is the possible asset that you need in applying a job?
First one is attitude. Second the knowledge and skills that you have- about technology and etc. Plus experience. Applicants who have a lot of experience are more capable and deserving to have the job. That is why internship or working in a temporary position for the purpose of on-the-job training is the greatest asset.

Why we need internship?

Internship is important to enhance your academic, cultural, social skills and develop ones personality- on how to deal with different people.

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Keep going everyone. God bless.

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