Monday, November 9, 2009

Ready for an Interview?

I do really feel nervous every time I heard about the word interview. I experienced that weird feeling during our English class when I was in second-year in college. Yeah that was quite weird feeling- though that was our final test in our English class. We had all the preparations we need. We rehearsed some possible answers for the interviewee’s questions.

I hope the next time I will undergo some interview there will be some sites where in we can find possible helpful tips for and interview. Yeah, there are sites that can really help you. I’ve browsed this site about consultant interview. They will give you some interview guides and tips.

This site is helpful for the medical consultants because guide questions for a consultant medical interview are available. To land a job is one of the main goals after we graduated but the interview for that specific job needs also proper training- that’s why consultant interview course is very helpful to have a good start.

Know and familiarize your consultant interview questions and for sure you will have the great job tomorrow.

1 comment:

Huan Liu said...

Nice suggestion to overcome the fear..


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