Monday, November 16, 2009

A Christian Faith

Time is running out. God’s coming is near.
Are you ready for His coming? Church, it is time for us to equip ourselves with God’s words and wisdom. It is very important to assemble ourselves in the house of our God. Christian church it’s time for re-generation. Pray with each other. Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. Jesus wants us to believe in Him and receive the gift of salvation.

Check out your Christian faith. Seek first the truth- the truth is in God’s word. Find a Christian church where you can find God’s truth where the gospel of God is revealed. Seek for Christian believers who can encourage you and support you of what you believe. We are asked to be fishers of men. I’m very glad to see some sites who can really build up your inner faith. Technology greatly affects the lifestyle and faith of the people. Reach out the people and preach the gospel. The church of God beliefs is a site that can really enlighten us and nurture ones faith. This site from church of God international is a wonderful site. I’m very glad to see this site because God is working in many ways.

It’s about time for us to equip ourselves and work to reach out and be a good “fishers of men”.

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