Sunday, November 8, 2009

Banners that Instruct

We all know that signage and banners are important when it comes to instruction and gives information. Banners serves as my teacher when want to learn about our environment. For me it is really fun to read different banners and signage. It is creative and it instruct.

Well let me share you a new stuff here. I’ve found this new site where in you can find different banners according to its genre- business banners, religion, personal and public signage. I had really fun in exploring this site. They had different templates where in you can customize and edit information. All that you needed is here.

You better check it out and see for yourself- maybe today you need a help in constructing your banner for your back to school party.LOL. (It’s back to school time). It can save your time, money and no hassle at all.

These are my favorite banners I've got from there site:

I've been a member of our Church Youth

Still wishing to Graduate this year 2009; LOL. I wish that I could have my own laptop  our school is a wiFi zone

Keep going everyone.

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