Friday, March 5, 2010

Health Tips: Colon Cancer Prevention

Hello friends…
I received this text from one of my church mate and I want to share it to you.
It is very important for us to take good care of our health. Here are some of the important health tips sent for me.


Here’s some important health tips for you.

Nice having a cold drink after meals but cold solidifies oily stuff we just ate. It slows down digestion. Once this sludge reacts with stomach acids, it breaks down and gets absorbed by the intestines faster than solid food and coats the intestines. Very soon, this becomes fats and leads to colon cancer.

P.S. It’s best to take hot soup or tepid water after meal.

Your friend,


Colon cancer is one of the common ailment today. It is very important that we are health conscious. As a friend to you I can suggest you better try Acai Berry Detox- it’s good for colon cleansing and helps us maintain physical fit and healthy body.
It is already available online so you better check out their website.
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Keep going and God bless.


mbarnes said...

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Smart Future said...

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