Thursday, March 4, 2010

FlipBooks: Favorite Scenes in Your Hand

Hello friends, check out this new stuff here. Surely you will enjoy this one.

Have you ever heard about Flip books? I jut discovered this new fun stuff for you. If you are a fun of collecting key chains, key holder or any incredible stuff, you better have your own flip books today. Aside from key chains, flip books can create your favorite scene and action in your palm and you can activate it anytime by just flipping it in your hand.

Check out the video below. It’s a total fun.

If you want to make your own designs well check out this site Proflix can allow you to create your personalized new customs diet-cut shapes. You can create as many as 20-40 pages to create advertising space to create your own Flip book. They also offer new 3D flipbooks.
Keep in touch with your favorite scenes from the movie Kung fu Panda, Transformers, Incredible Hulk and etc.

Well, get your own collectibles now and enjoy this new scene of adventures. It is really appealing to kids as well as to adults that is why it is also good o give as gifts to your loved ones.
Keep one of your favorite memories in your own flip books.

Keep going and have fun. God bless.

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sem724 said...

Really fun Video. Artistically awesome. I was amazed of the art.
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