Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shower Time?

Hello friends. Well, it’s good that I woke up early today. I eat my breakfast early in the morning. I supposed to take my shower early but as usual, it was moved later this afternoon.

Well everyday, as part of my daily course, is to take shower in the afternoon (maybe around 2 or 3 PM). I was used to this time schedule because first, I wake up late in the morning and second there’s no water at all. Every morning, the water runs out in our faucet and it will be back in the afternoon. Yeah, that time schedule really irritates me- especially when I want to take a bath in the morning.

Well, I cannot do anything about it anymore. How I wish that our bathroom will be the best place for a bath as well- just to ease my irritating mood- but the slippery floor irritates me more. How I wish I could have those shower enclosures I’ve seen in the net lately. Shower enclosures can really create and ambiance and great and romantic mood to have a shower. It’s really fascinating. I love the ambiance and its stylish look.

Bow Fronted Sliding Shower Door
(Includes Kudos Concept 2 Shower Tray, 90mm Shower Waste & FREE DELIVERY)

You better check it out and you’ll have fabulous shower mood ever.
Keep going.


LinGZ said...

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Linda dadson said...

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