Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day

I love to say this way… “Happy Hearts Day” to you my dear friends and bloggers. It’s a time for joy and love.

I hope every minute and every day is the day of hearts and LOVE. Always remember that the center of that love is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Oh, He is the only one who made me feel the real love and peace in my heart. It’s a total joy in my heart when I know that God is always – His never failing love- keeps my heart beating for Him.
Before I wish to celebrate this day with a special someone, but when I learned to fall in love with God (a true love) I learn that He alone is Love. I can no longer ask for more… “I shall not want any other love”. God filled me with His great tenderness and care that I can say “He is my true love”.
God bless everyone. Happy Hearts day.

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