Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Show Love?

How do you show your Love? How do you value your life? How do you value the person around you?

This “heart’s day” how can you show your love to the people around you- your family, friends and loved ones?

There was a time when I saw my mom crying, when I and my sister had a serious sickness, I feel like it is breaking my heart. I feel so sad at that time, not just because I was sick but because I saw mom crying because of us. At that time, I always pray to God to heal me and ease my mom’s burdens and sadness.

Overworking is somewhat a good thing to do but the truth is, it is not the right way in showing your love. It’s good to work hard for your family and loved ones but ones you are over stress and you risk your own life you are certainly abusing the wealth you have right now- which is your health. Give an extra time for them- accompany them, relax and have special time to enjoy each moment you have.

God wants to take good care of our heart and our health. Check out some of the health insurance leads today that can help you and your family. When the family is sick, well there’s always health insurance that will assist and help you financially.

For me, showing love to them is simple… love your health and love your life. Valuing your life is just like you value them as well. I realize how precious our life is. When we love someone, we have to love ourselves too.

Thank God I was healed.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

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LinGZ said...

Celebrate love this Hearts Day... It's a Seasons of Love...

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Keep going everyone.

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