Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Happen to my Blog?

It’s already dawn when I slept- it’s almost 3AM because I want to make all things done. I and my best bud Beth had a sleep over in our house. What we did is just merely a play and work. It’s good to enjoy the moment but the most important is, we have to finish all our projects in a span of time. What we did, which I think, is not enough. We have to double out time and efforts. This time I’m badly needed to have it done well and as soon as possible- due to my overstress and body pains. Plus I need to make good updates on my blog. It’s been a week now that my log is no longer in the top 100,000 blog in the internet.

I always check my blog in the alexa rankings and this time its statistics and visitors are decreasing. You can merely see a few friends who visit and continually support my blog. And the rest, it’s gone- unlike before when I update and visits some sites daily.

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I hope I can find time to update and bring everything into normal.
Keep going everyone. God bless.


Mizé said...

EC visitors can make a big difference in your Alexa stats. The majority of Webmasters and bloggers have Alexa toolbar installed...
A good weekend to you :)

sem724 said...

sometimes things get really messed up. I guess that was just some errors they had on their application.
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