Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Vows and Commitment

Went to a wedding yesterday and it’s totally terrific and emotional moment for the bride. When she had her last dance with her dad as “daddy’s little girl” that was totally amazing and remarkable. The celebration starts at 2 PM, followed by a lovely dinner. Well I had a good time with that party- though I made myself as a photographer- keeping every scene as a memorable one. I can’t imagine that my “ate Sarah Joy” (we used to be neighbors and relatives) was now exchanging her vows to his husband. She’s now committed to live a life as a married woman.

signing as a witness

it's me having my own pictorial

her last dance as "his daddy's little girl"

newly wed couple
I almost cry when she say thank you to her parents- for raising her as there daughter. In that moment she cried and get emotional.

Come to think of it, life runs too fast. When the time comes… I’ll marry soon. Its God’s time, its God’s perfect timing … as God gives me the perfect man. Enjoy God’s goodness and faithfulness in our life. God knows and always ask for God’s will.

Trust God. He will give you all the joy that you’ve been looking for. God bless.

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CebuImage said...

i though you are getting married.
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