Thursday, October 1, 2009

Relax and Meditate

Well I just got up from a deep sleep today. I’m glad that I have the chance to rest for a while. I had a long travel yesterday. We went to Cagayan de Oro City- and that is a kilometer away from our place. That’s why riding a bus plus the city’s traffic is totally a hassle. It can really cause me so much body and muscle pain.

I wish I could have the chance to experience Yoga. My friends shared about this and they say it’s a perfect way to relax- you can experience a 100% relaxation. It reflexes your body; it embodies your soul and gives you some peace of mind. While surfing the net, I’ve found this site that offers you a Crystal Singing Bowls- perfect for your Yoga session. They offer you fantastic bowls from Tibet- high quality singing bowls, the Med silk Tibetan singing bowl pillow and a lot more. Explore this site there different products- featured in the Yoga magazine.
Yes I want to explore one of these sites and learn different techniques and tools used for relaxation and repose and give a chance for you to give yourself the chance to mediate and relax.

Keep going everyone. Relax and enjoy the day.

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