Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Week Celebrations

Hello it’s a long week of celebration for me. I do really enjoy my whole week. I thank God for every events and unforgettable memories. I’m here to give back the glory and thanks giving to Him.
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful week.

August 6... It's Marky's Birthday!

My cousin Greenman (Marky), LinGZspot (Me), Parahana (Bryan)... the bloggers!

Me and my cousins. (LOL)

August 10... Ching2x's 16th Birthday!

Me at my Churchmate's debut Party. (Setting: at our Chrurch)

August 9... Trip to Calda Pizza...

Tres Marias... (Me and my sisters)

Cousins... and the super-gigantic Pizza. (mmmm)
Keep going! God bless.


nancy said...

looks like you're really having so much fun! more enjoyable moments to come for you :-)

draxc0la said...

congrat.. for celebration... having fun


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow you do have quite a week. happy birthday to everyone and I hope you all continue to have fun!!:-))))

mariancalago said...

happy birthday to marky.

Dorothy L said...

Loved all of the photos lingz....thanks so much for sharing your family fun:)

JesuLalaine said...

you've had a great week! and I love the huge pizza..yum!!

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