Thursday, August 20, 2009

Building up My Photography Career

Here’s another snapshots from my DC-833s Digital Camera and my creative hands.LOL. I’m so eager to start up and do some practices to build up my photography career. Here’s one of my single shot I got from today. I’m trying to make a good start it will do so. I start practicing some macro shots with nature- as my subject. I’m trying to enjoy my holidays and trying to get over from too much stress from last week.I hope you’ll enjoy my “amateur-photographs”.
Keep going.

Gummamela Flower

Title: Fading
Subject: Nature
Photographer: LinGZ


1 comment:

donna510 said...

There's always lots of interesting pictures to be taken all the time. A good picture don't need story, cuz a good picture will telling its story.

Have a gud nite LinGZ.

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