Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Glimpse of a Student’s Life

Me and my Classmates (doing some school-project)

It’s another tiring day for me as a student. I went to my classmate’s boarding house today to have some group activity. Yes, it’s good that we have a holiday today so that I can rest for the whole day, but I end up spending the rest of my afternoon in my classmate’s place and do our school assignment.

It’s a nice to know that my parents are supporting me all the way till I graduate in college. I’m so thankful to God on how fortunate I was to have parents like them. In the other hand, how about those who can’t afford to go to college? You know, college life is full of overload projects, tuition fees and any other bills and school expenses.

Just end up your burden now and start to enroll in college. God is good that He will provide us resources for the expenses. I found this new Student Loan website- it’s online so anyone can grab this opportunity. You can always have your Private Student Loan Consolidation here. Guarantee your future. I know I struggle for school expenses too, but you cannot take this as an alibi to stop schooling.
Keep going everyone. Stay good and do good with your studies.

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Guard said...

Indeed, Investing in school life is the best way to solve hundreds of problems in live. I solves criminality, let u better think and don't forget the social factor to.
I wich u the success on your student life.

Ben, admin of

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