Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Teacher Must Know...

Can we understand the people who need understanding?

Tomorrow will be my second week in my job as a teacher. Teaching is not an easy job. It requires patience, sacrifice and hard work. A teacher must be creative, understanding and patient. It is not enough that you are an intelligent person, to be a teacher, but you must be equipped with patience. A teacher should understand that every individual have different and unique attitudes. We must have patience in understanding and knowing our students' reasons (cause) of an undesirable behavior.

I remember one time when my co-teacher had an activity, she asked the students to write an essay about themselves. Many wrote about their hobbies, past experiences and many more, but there are some who wrote about their feelings of depressions and drug addictions. We were shocked because we never thought- at a young age- that they will be engaged in drug addiction.

A teacher must know how to handle student’s emotions. It is really better if we have perfect knowledge in handling this kind of thing. Definitely, can help us. There are many areas where this site can give some ideas about different kinds of addiction like alcohol addiction, cocaine, heroin and any other prohibited drugs. There are helpful information you can find in the site like the cause, effects and treatment in drug addictions. Checkout this website Drug rehab Sacramento to give you an additional insights about the different kinds of addictions . In the site, you can also find the best place to reconcile, regenerate and rehabilitate one's mind and treat drug dependency- even those who has the worst condition.

Be patient. There is always a chance to change. It is not too late for them to be treated. The students who had a past experience in drug addiction can now write an essay about their past mistakes. They can now testify how worse it can be to be shackled in drug addiction. Now, they are totally free from it- by God’s help. A teacher must be sensitive in student’s emotional struggles. We must cater not just their mental needs, but also their emotional needs. We are their second parents. We must know their hearts and hurts.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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