Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Diminish the Patient’s Infirmity?

I do not know why it brags out in my mentality that “hospital is not the right place for healing”. I feel very sick every time I stay at the hospital. Last time I went to the hospital, with my mom, to visit my newly born niece- my cousin’s daughter. We also went to the other hospital for me medical checkup. Now we are planning to admit sister to the hospital for an operation. Sigh, I cannot escape the fact that hospital is been a part of the people’s life specially in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Somehow, I don’t think I will hate the hospital if it is like a “7 star hotel”- great facilities, clean environment and presentable working personnel. It also adds up the nurses who usually wear nursing scrubs and tries to present themselves as neat and well-rounded personnel.

To qualify, one must consider scrubs clothing as there good investment. It is great to see nurses who have a pleasing personality. Medical doctors and nurses are the one who will uplift your emotional and physical body from any sickness. Medical uniforms should integrate the good qualities and personalities of the medical personnel and nurses. Through this, it could diminish the patient’s infirmity.

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Keep going everyone and happy weekend. God bless.

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