Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last 8th of April I can always remember the hurt when I watched at the bench of the gymnasium. Yes, this is my fist time to experience this kind of thing. We watched- together with my bestfriend Beth- as our classmates march the aisle of our school gymnasium. Yes, it’s our school’s graduation day. We (me and my friend) are supposed to graduate this year but due to some conflicts of the subjects, we won’t able to make it. Well then here we are watching all my batch mates wearing their prestigious toga, cap and receiving their diplomas. I have no regrets after all but I still wishing to graduate at that day.

watching all my school mates in their graduation day

Sometimes in life you don’t know what awaits in you in the future. You can’t predict what comes next. That is why assurance of life is unpredictable. Some people, now a day, prefer to have insurance leads in assuring their loved ones when there’s something happen to them (who knows?). But in everything in life, I believe that God had purpose and plan about our future and what lie ahead. So, we just look forward to that blessed hope in Him. After all, this is the time for me to think what I’m going to do- which way to go after college. Just like in the traffic light- I’m in the stage where God is showing me the yellow light. It means I have to wait first for His instructions before He give the “go” (green light) signal light. So I’m still glad after all.

I hope this serves as a lesson for you. Keep going everyone.


sem724 said...

Congratulations to the graduates. For those who seek for jobs, try here in the Philippines Call center. They are having job vacancies.

dms27 said...

Feels so great to walk that isle with excellence.

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