Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reconciliation the Lost

Our national hero had said “Ang kabata-an ay pag-asa ng bayan (The youth is the hope of our country)”- Dr. Jose Rizal. He is probably right. We are the hope of or country, we are the future of this nation- we are the future. Yeah right, this reminds us all that we are the start of that change. We are made with that special purpose. Our elders are the one who take good care of us all this time. That is why I’m always up to the better change and program that will really help reconcile and help them free from any bandage. What are these bandages?

These bandages are those that can really make their lives miserable and hopeless. Alcohol addiction, smoking, drug addiction, gangster and etc are the common problems of teens as well as adults today. Let’s give hope to those who are captives of sin. For me, I hope I can do touch their live and give back the freedom that they’ve lost. God always care for their lives. I always support teen drug rehab. As what I’ve observed in my community, young and old were involved in this kind of situation. It’s our time for us to stand for them. Let’s make a move to bring back the lives of drug addicts. To solve this problem, adolescent addiction treatment and teen addiction treatment is one of the best solutions- it really causes a lot.

I’ve encountered many people who are captives of addiction. And I can say that everyone deserves chances. Just like God did, He is always faithful and just in forgiving our sins. All we have to do is council them. Anything is possible. With good reconciliation and good treatment and therapy, surely you can turn 180 degrees away from your old self. There is a process of repentance. Surely a new person will arise in you. Don’t give up on those who are lost- they need our prayer, understanding, reconciliation and counseling.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

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sem724 said...

I've been here in the Philippines for about 5 year and I know that Rizal is a very famous hero here, right? Been here for some business with Philippines Call center. Employment boon to Filipino's.

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