Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: You Will be The Prom Queen

Welcome to the 2010. Have a Happy New Year to all my friends and bloggers out there who always been so supportive to me and to my bog. So what’s p to look forward for 2010?
Me, I expect great things will happen this 2010. One of this is our government election that will happen this May. I also expect that there will be the new and latest technology that will exist. Wow. Aside from technology, this is one of my favorite, there will be new and latest trends of fashion and dresses. I love it.

Check this out this is one of my favorites I just browsed lately.

Personally, once I browsed and see different fashion outfit in the net, I always stay there for a long hour and just browse and look at its designs. One of m passion is to design dresses. That is why if you want to browse different ball gowns then you may do so. So check it out. I love to browse this site and, hopefully, buy some of there dresses.

February is the month for Valentine’s Day and a month for proms and college and high school ball. To stand out from that crowd, check out the bet 2010 prom dresses and surely you are one of the eye catchers of the night or the prom queen.

I hope this February we will have a JS Prom. I’m a fourth year college now and in all my life, in my student life, I never experience to have a prom in school.

So hopefully I can experience this year 2010. Keep going everyone.


MarlyMS said...

I never been the prom queen
but I was a prom emcee when I was a senior high school :)

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Eric said...

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Christal_Earls said...

I want to be prom queen!

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sem724 said...

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