Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christian Workshop- Young People Service

Last time, during our young people service, I’m the one who handle the work shop and with God’s glory and guidance it really works so well. We are blessed with that workshop we did.
Here’s what we did (together with one of my church mate):

I. Banana Lesson (Game)

Break the group up into groups (2 groups) and give each group a banana and tell them to cut it up. Then I give them tape, tacks and glue and ask them to put it back together again. After attempting this impossible task, we stop to discuss how hard it is to redo errors that we make. Sometimes they cannot be redone... so it is wise to think carefully about the consequences of things we say or do before taking action"

I got this information from one of the Christian blog- Tea Time. So I made it as a workshop or activity.

I. Reflection Activity (Same group)

Each member of the group should reflect on the following.

Don't open your mouth WHEN:
1. You are angry- Prov. 14:17
2. You don't have all the facts - Prov. 13:18
3. You haven't verified the story - Deut. 17:6
4. Your words will offend a weaker person –
5. Your words will poorly reflect on the Lord or your friends or family - 1 Peter 2:21-23
6. You are tempted to make light of Holy things - Eccl 5:2
7. You are tempted to joke about sin - Prov. 14:9
8. You should be ashamed of your words later - Prov. 8:8
9. Your words would convey wrong impressions - Prov. 17:27
10. Your words would damage a friendship - Prov. 16:28

11. The issue is none of your business - Prov. 14:10
12. Your words will damage someone's reputation - Prov. 16:27
13. You are feeling critical - James 3:9
14. You are tempted to tell an outright lie - Prov. 4:24
15. You can't speak without yelling - Prov. 25:28
16. It is time to be listening - Prov. 13:1
17. You may have to eat your words later - Prov. 18:21
18. You have already said it more than one time (it becomes nagging) - Prov. 19:13
19. You are tempted to flatter a wicked person - Prov. 24:24
20. You are supposed to be working instead - Prov. 14:23

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