Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where did my Letters Go?

I was wondering how are house looks like if we will put mailbox in front of the gate. It seems like it adds up the beauty of your home ate the same time I will be able to find my lost letters. Many ignores the beauty and importance of having mailboxes in their homes.

I realized its importance lately when I can't stand waiting for the delayed letters- I've been waiting on it for months now. I was waiting for the board exam results-particularly about the ratings. I am also wondering how much our internet bill costs. Sometimes, when we are not around, the mailman just handed all the letters to my aunties. My aunties just live next to our house. Yeah, that's why you have to wander around the neighbourhood just to find out where your letter goes. In our planned home renovations, I loved to put up this residential mailboxes to enhance our house's landscape designs- I will surely put up a garden where I can relax after all those busy days.

I love to put this Mayne White Signature Plus Mailbox in our front yard!

Here checkout these cute mail boxes today and enjoy the aura of your new home. Enjoy your home-sweet-home weekend. Keep going everyone and God bless you always.

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