Friday, April 8, 2011

My High School Alumni Home Coming 2011

I can’t imagine myself attending my high school alumni homecoming. It is like yesterday… but I feel like I’m going back in my high school years already. As I reminisce the past, there is such joy when I learned how God really helped me grow into a responsible and a mature person.

As we gathered in the gymnasium, I saw my teachers and my old classmates in high school- way back in the year 2006. I can’t believe that I have also seen my crushes, my puppy love my “young love” at that day. Well, his identity will always remain as a secret.

At that moment I miss my high school years. How I wish to go back in my teenage years. I miss my friends bonding, my everyday assignments, the flag ceremony, singing our “alma mater” song, flirting to my crushes (LOL that was my old “me”) and the feeling of being free from responsibility. Oh, I miss all those things.
All of those things help me grow. I will not be a fully grown adult today without those “roller coaster ride” experience in my adolescence years.

Keep going everyone. Keep the faith always. God bless.

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