Thursday, March 10, 2011

Light-up Your Party

Hey friends I got serious colds today. Maybe this is due to heavy rain yesterday. I was busy preparing for my cousin’s 1st birthday party so I forgot to use umbrella while preparing the said event. I feel really dizzy right now but I think its all worth it because we all enjoyed the party.

Heavy rains almost ruin the event. Sometimes unexpected incident happens when less you expect it. Instead of doing outdoor children’s games we have the terrace. There are a lot of children we couldn’t almost move. The terrace lights were busted. Place was so dim, because of the weather at the same time the chandelier bulbs in the living room didn’t work. Though there are some unexpected events, the party was successful.

The next time we really have to prepare for this kind of events. While searching for the best quality band of lights in the net, I was amazed in these floor lamps available online . I was amazed on how they really complement in the elegant style. The uniqueness of the design really amazes me. There are also table lamps available that could definitely illuminate the whole house.LOL. The stylish lamps style and quality designs can really save you from any part destructors and unexpected incidents.

Hey check it out. these are my favorite designs.

I’m very glad that everything goes well. I’m also glad that I found this new set of lamps that could possibly add to the glamour and style in our house. So the next time we have party in our home, it will be awesome.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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