Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You Lord

Woah I’m so grateful today. God really gave me a favor He enables me to walk a step of faith. First, I was afraid to try and make a decision, but He gave me courage to try. It is only one step of faith and He will lead you all the way.

Sometimes, we are injected by the enemy in our thoughts that we can’t make it. God wants us to go, and yet we doubt in His power to make things happen. Faith is the way we trust in God’s goodness.

Today, I’m confessing God’s goodness in my life, and I continually claim He’s goodness and favor in the coming days... weeks and years and forever.

Keep going everyone God bless.

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Accent Furniture To Go said...

Just trust to Him. He will give you what you want. ~~Granite Dining Tables

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