Sunday, July 4, 2010

Teenage Depression

Whew. I was shocked lately with the news I’ve got from my Facebook. I heard that another incident of suicidal activity happened near our school lately. A young man jumped up from an overpass near our school. I just can’t help it but feel pity and sad about it. This is the fourth time I heard about suicidal activity- especially in teens. I considered the word “teens” because it involves “young age”. I was really alarmed with this news.

Many people today considered insurance leads because they value there life much and yet there are people who just wasted there life. Insurance leads gives you assistance during your health risk and yet those people just risk there health as well as there life.

Why there are a lot teens who commit suicide?
Mostly teens commit suicide because they cannot cope up with there depression mostly depression with pressure from the environment. Another reason also is the low expectation from parents and lack of guidance from parents. And mostly, they lack of communication and intimate relationship in God. They feel rejected and insecurities. The worst is, they feel that suicide is the main option to escape from depression and not considering it as a sin. What happens in the world right now? Many people lack God and acknowledgement of God’s Lordship in there life.
God loves us so much that He wants us to value ones life. Insurance leads and hospitals, and health center are proofs that life is valuable. God entrusted us with valuable life to live it with purpose. Love God and surely you will never hate yourself- because you already know your purpose.

Keep going and God bless.


Anonymous said...

No garden without its weeds.............................................................

dms27 said...

Great post. Surely agree many of the teenagers now could relate to your post.

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