Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Thankful Heart

Wow, I thank my God for giving me all the favor. I just got my license and lately I attended the “oath taking ceremony” for professional teacher. God is so good. He is so faithful and an ever dearest loving father to me. I could not do all these things without Him- without his grace and His faithfulness.

In everything I do, in everything I say and every moment I live… I live it for the glory of God. God is able to help me and give me a victorious life. I thank and praise my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for His greatness and for His grace given to me.

Keep going everyone and God bless

How to Deal with Addiction? A Real Life Treatment and Transformation

It is not easy to become a teacher. Before, I never realize how hard to be a teacher until I become one of them. You always have to bring your work at home- from checking test papers, making lesson plans and other paper works. But the most challenging of the teacher's work is implementing classroom discipline. I don't know what happened to the teens nowadays, but I tell you it is really worse this time.

How teens, as well as the kids, end up this kind of attitude? Many parents and families do not really care of their children's situation and behavior. They just leave the entire job to the teacher. Discipline starts at home. If the parents failed to discipline their children, there are possibilities that they will end up a problem of the society.

Drug addiction is one of the problems teachers facing today. Some of my students had experienced drug addiction today. It is so hard to bring reconciliation and teach them the right way. To be a teacher, you don't need unusual skills. You don't need special training. You just have to care. A teacher must learn how to care. Checkout this residential drug rehab today. You must search a solution for addiction and you will find it in this site.

For the parents, you must learn to spend time knowing your children. If you feel like your child needs treatment and rehabilitation feel free to checkout this place like drug rehab Utah or drug rehab San Jose. The site tells us that it is not about prevention, but transformation. Real treatment means that patient must choose to turn away from addiction and never go back in their old nature. Learn to say no and choose to remain "drug-free". Transformation is better than prevention.

As it is said... "To be a teacher, you don't need unusual skills. You don't need special training." You just have to care." Teachers it is your task to mold people. Do it well.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Essence of a Promise Ring

I just read from my Facebook page that my classmate in high school is getting married. I can’t believe it- she’s typically a cute little girl before. We usually call her “little girl” because she is the young in the group, but now, she is getting married. That news awakes me into the reality that I am already twenty one. I am at the legal age to marry and start a new family.Then I asked myself, am I ready for it? Though it is the right age for me, but it is not yet the right time- God’s time.

True love waits. When that “right time” comes, it will be forever. One of the sweetest things that a man will do is to bring her woman into the altar of God and give her promised ring and vow to his bride the vows of eternal love. It is significant to choose your promise rings for your future wife.

For me whenever a man gives you jewels, even the simplest jewelry in the world, it means you are special. That is why cable bracelets or even the cutest ankle bracelets could be a helpful charm to win the girl’s heart. It automatically reflects the women’s radiance of beauty. When you decide to marry someone, make sure that you are emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually ready. That is why marrying a person requires wisdom and understanding from the Lord. For those who are planning to marry this June, well just checkout the possibilities of catching the most precious promised ring for your wedding or engagement.

Congratulations to my friend. I wish for their happiness and success as a couple.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Teacher Must Know...

Can we understand the people who need understanding?

Tomorrow will be my second week in my job as a teacher. Teaching is not an easy job. It requires patience, sacrifice and hard work. A teacher must be creative, understanding and patient. It is not enough that you are an intelligent person, to be a teacher, but you must be equipped with patience. A teacher should understand that every individual have different and unique attitudes. We must have patience in understanding and knowing our students' reasons (cause) of an undesirable behavior.

I remember one time when my co-teacher had an activity, she asked the students to write an essay about themselves. Many wrote about their hobbies, past experiences and many more, but there are some who wrote about their feelings of depressions and drug addictions. We were shocked because we never thought- at a young age- that they will be engaged in drug addiction.

A teacher must know how to handle student’s emotions. It is really better if we have perfect knowledge in handling this kind of thing. Definitely, can help us. There are many areas where this site can give some ideas about different kinds of addiction like alcohol addiction, cocaine, heroin and any other prohibited drugs. There are helpful information you can find in the site like the cause, effects and treatment in drug addictions. Checkout this website Drug rehab Sacramento to give you an additional insights about the different kinds of addictions . In the site, you can also find the best place to reconcile, regenerate and rehabilitate one's mind and treat drug dependency- even those who has the worst condition.

Be patient. There is always a chance to change. It is not too late for them to be treated. The students who had a past experience in drug addiction can now write an essay about their past mistakes. They can now testify how worse it can be to be shackled in drug addiction. Now, they are totally free from it- by God’s help. A teacher must be sensitive in student’s emotional struggles. We must cater not just their mental needs, but also their emotional needs. We are their second parents. We must know their hearts and hurts.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Diminish the Patient’s Infirmity?

I do not know why it brags out in my mentality that “hospital is not the right place for healing”. I feel very sick every time I stay at the hospital. Last time I went to the hospital, with my mom, to visit my newly born niece- my cousin’s daughter. We also went to the other hospital for me medical checkup. Now we are planning to admit sister to the hospital for an operation. Sigh, I cannot escape the fact that hospital is been a part of the people’s life specially in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Somehow, I don’t think I will hate the hospital if it is like a “7 star hotel”- great facilities, clean environment and presentable working personnel. It also adds up the nurses who usually wear nursing scrubs and tries to present themselves as neat and well-rounded personnel.

To qualify, one must consider scrubs clothing as there good investment. It is great to see nurses who have a pleasing personality. Medical doctors and nurses are the one who will uplift your emotional and physical body from any sickness. Medical uniforms should integrate the good qualities and personalities of the medical personnel and nurses. Through this, it could diminish the patient’s infirmity.

Checkout this site, Well I suggest you visit this site to avail great quality scrubs at the lowest price.

Keep going everyone and happy weekend. God bless.

School Work Overload

It is back to school time.

I already signed the contract for my job. I started working in the school since last week and this coming week will be the start of the classes. Though the school has not yet started but the school work and school requirements are piled up. I have to be wise in my time to finish all this things before the deadline.

I am a teacher and it is back to school to school time- meaning back to work. Though the work of a teacher is tough and tiring but this is the job that is satisfying and noble job.

Keep going everyone and God bless.
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